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The Efficiency of Legal Norms - 5th Edition


May 26th - 28th, 2016, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

        Dear Colleagues,

         We have the pleasure to announce you that the Faculty of Law Cluj-Napoca – “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University – organizes the International Conference on “The Efficiency of Legal Norms, 5th Edition – The Science of Law – In the Vanguard or the Rearguard of Social, Political and Economic Phenomena? to be held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, on May 26th – 28th 2016.

        We are writing to you on behalf of the Conference Organizing Committee inviting you to participate and spread the word among your colleagues and other professional contacts.

        The main partners of the Conference are the Romanian Institute for Human Rights and the Romanian Academy Cluj Branch, “George Bariţiu” Institute of History, Department of Social and Humanistic Research. Other partners will be shortly announced.

        Information about the conference (call for papers, registration, fees, author guidelines) can be obtained on the conference site: (link)

        The participants are academics, researchers and practitioners. The conference languages are Romanian and English. At the same time, the conference will host the workshops:

  • Health Law. Perspectives from doctors, pharmacists, patients, health-insurers.
  •  Owners and/or Performers of the Intellectual Rights: in between Nexus.

        The Conference advances for discussion the following topics, aiming at finding to what extent the development of social values and relations, politics and economics is covered by legal rules and how is legislation keeping up with new social developments in traditional areas of law:
        One possible perspective is comparative, finding out if there are converging trends or diverging approaches and what are the drivers behind the tendencies.
        Theoretical approach may respond to questions like: can law insure social order and equity, is law a valid instrument for protecting human values, directing human conduct and attaining economic goals? Doctrine has shaped specific law domains. But are current social, political and economic relations still comprised in the traditional domains? Are there new domains to be shaped? Do they have specific legislation? The latest Report by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe points out the need for watching the functioning of the democratic institutions in respect to the separation of powers, especially in the area of justice. Problems like the independence and responsibility of the judiciary, the relation between the state attorneys and secret services, the role of the lawyer in defending people’s rights, are still points of interest.  National and international institutions are created in order to attain social, political and economic goals. Are the legal rules they can use a helpful instrument in their activity or attaining their goals?
        Legislators are representatives of society. Are the legal rules they are issuing in accordance with the will of the society? What are the legal rules that ensure the accordance?
        These are only some of the themes we propose, without limiting the topics on the subject.
        The Conference Proceedings will be published in FIAT IUSTITIA (link), journal indexed in EBSCO (link) and RePEc (-link) databases.

        Registration is possible only using the registration form on (link).

        All papers must respect the Author guidelines (link) and must be submitted electronically to the e-mail address:


Submission (registration form and abstract, maximum 300 words in English):

March 1st 2016

Notification of acceptance:

March 15th 2016

Paper submission and registration fee:

April 15th 2016

         If you need more information, please send an email to:
We look forward to welcoming you in Cluj-Napoca.
The Organizing Committee