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The Faculty of Law in Cluj-Napoca has a teaching goal (providing education) as well as a scientific one.

The teaching goal is fulfilled under specific and conditions in relation to the national classified list of qualifications and demands of the labour market both in Romania and abroad. The Faculty of Law in Cluj-Napoca organizes training by means of bachelor’s degree studies and master studies, able to contribute to the strengthening of the juridical dimension of the Romanian state as a Member State of the European Union.

As far as scientific research is concerned, the Faculty of Law in Cluj-Napoca aims to contribute to the development of legal science through published papers, conferences, symposiums as well as some research projects. Students and masters are directed to do research activities together with the staff.


Duration of Bachelor’s degree Studies

  • 4 years full-time studies,
  • 4 years part-time studies.


Duration of Master Studies:

3 semesters full-time studies.

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